Aleksandra is a 19-year-old girl from Poland who, inspired by the characters of Alexander von Humboldt and Christopher Columbus, wants to go into the unknown and explore this extraordinary world. Her greatest love is climbing, and especially, multi-pitch routes and majestic peaks. In the mountains and on the road, she feels at home. In 2015, she went solo to Iceland for a hiking and hitchhiking trip, which took her one month and strengthened her belief that the exploration and challenging herself is what she most desires.

Her ambition is to become an outdoor photographer and filmmaker, adventurer, explorer, writer, and professional climber. You can follow her journey on:

Fanpage: Aleksandra Wierzbowska
Instagram & Snapchat: @alexwierzbowska

Vegan since January’13


10 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

    1. You’re right, sometimes world seems to be so small…I hope you feel good in Canada, it must be a really wonderful place.
      Soon there will be two new posts on my blog so you will not need to wait long to read more about my adventures 🙂


  1. Hi Aleksandra! Thanks for stopping by our blog. You will truly enjoy Iceland. Although, we couldn’t hike or climb (insufficient time), I’m sure you will make the most of it. The Himalayan landscape is equally stunning and is a treasure trove for anyone who loves the mountains. Looking forward to reading your adventures and conquering ‘fear’ in the mountains. 🙂 All the best!

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    1. Hello Cheryl! Thank you very much for wishes and sharing good memories. There are only 36 days to start my great icelandic adventure! I really can’t wait and honestly still don’t believe.
      I’m waiting for your new adventures too!

      All the best,

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  2. Hi Aleksandra!

    Just admiring your blog, and I especially like your passion for your upcoming trip! I visited Iceland a few months ago after wanting to for ages! It was simply amazing. So spiritual and scenic and awesome. If you like Icelandic history and culture, the National museum in Reykjavik is a must! I literally spent a full day there, the collection is stunning. And try and get to the East – Reyðarfjörður and Seydisfjordur are stunning towns.

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  3. Good dreams and positive and healthy energy! Go ahead, climb mountains, make movies… You can start doing small things, but most important is to really start!! Persist and one day you realize that you have already reached all your dreams, but don’t worry, always new horizonts and challenges appear… Just stay positive, healthy, playful and honest… If you manage, you will always be on the right place in the right time 😉

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