Drinking Problem And So On…


Vegan diet is very demanding, especially for someone who is doing extreme sports, has a small stomach and doesn’t like vegetables. I never doubted in the rightness of my choice, but over time I began to doubt the conduct of this diet. Though I owe it a lot, I feel that I could achieve much more with it. Not only in my head, such reflections were born, because my friends from the climbing community often told me that I must introduce to my diet significant changes. Of course I do not mean diversify it of animal products (though Ben would probably be very happy), but take care of adequate fluid and meals intake throughout the day.
Ever since I can remember, I’ve had big problems with drinking (yes, I know how it sounds). Even after installing a special application that resembles me to drink water, I drank 400-500ml per day. It’s definitely not enough, especially during hard training. With the food was similar. I usually ate when I felt the hunger and weakness, or if someone forced me to do it. It didn’t give me any pleasure, and I used to see it mostly as a waste of valuable time. When, after several months of too intense training I landed in the orthopedic surgery and found out that I will have a few months of treatment, and a high probability of surgery, I discovered a new meaning to the waste of time.

A few weeks ago, I started a completely new way of life, which brought surprising results. I made great progress in the area of muscle strength, I have much more energy and get tired more slowly. Furthermore, according to the words of Ben more I gained more muscle mass. I’m on the right path and hope that I will always follow it.

tofu, chickpeas, millet groats, lettuce, cucumber, radish sprouts, amaranth and linseed – best breakfast


snack - 2 bananas, apple, orange, cranberry,cashews, hazelnuts and soy nuts
snack – 2 bananas, apple, orange, cranberry, cashews, hazelnuts, peanuts and soy nuts


2 bananas, apple, orange, peach, kiwi, cranberries and almonds
2 bananas, apple, orange, peach, kiwi, cranberries and almonds



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