On The Way To The Homeland Of My Soul

The December days I spent mostly away from home and the computer, visiting different areas of Poland. Firstly I went to Krakow for Mountain Festival, and the proximity of the Tatra Mountains made that I had to also visit that granite world. After coming back I wrote a series of trial exams, presented my film debut (soon will be available on the blog in the English version) and I went to Lublin to spend Christmas with my family. And in a few hours I’m leaving again to the homeland of my soul, so, into my beloved Tatra Mountains. This will be my second winter season and probably one of the hardest trips. Weather forecasts predict at Rysy (2499m, the highest peak of the Polish Tatras) on the day of my arrival sensible temperature close to -32 Celsius degrees!

Fitting my creation before New Year's Eve
Fitting my creation before New Year’s Eve

Still, I can not wait to start climbing and cope with such low temperatures. I want to push the boundaries of my own endurance and get to know myself by leaving the comfort zone. I will discuss my goals with more experienced friends, and adopt them to weather conditions. However, I know that one of them will be Mnich (2068m) on which I will climb as part of winter training with a guide. Maybe it will not be a “Wariant R“, but the time will come for it also.

Mnich - the first one from the right
Mnich – the first one from the right

Another extremely ambitious plan is to swim in the Morskie Oko on the first day of the new year. This tradition is carefully cultivated by climbers, but for me it will be the first such contact with the sheet of the lake. I hope not the last in my life πŸ™‚

Last year

Although the smile on my face is caused by a meeting with the Tatra Mountains, they are not the only reason for my happiness. They are also, or rather primarily, the people who in the majority are already waiting in the shelter. Silhouettes of lovers of the mountains are very colorful and inspiring. These people are truly dedicated to their passion, and willing to infect others by it. Often have on their life account amazing achievements, but despite this, there is no distinction between “the better ones” and “the worst ones” in the shelter. There are simply “we”, connected with love for the mountains. Entry into the New Year with these wonderful people will undoubtedly herald something good.

Packing is a story without end...
Packing is a story without end…

Taking this opportunity, in the coming year I wish you with all my heart the courage in achieving your dreams and follow desired goals, because it is somethig that makes our lives really full and beautiful.




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