I Saw Heaven

I returned to the lowlands and since then unspeakable sorrow dismember my heart and soul. At every step I feel the lack of mountain peaks appearing on the horizon, the smell of spruce forest and the possibility of escape from civilization. In the mountains, in a few minutes I could get to the trail and walking him sink in the wild beauty of nature. Each day I could faint in delight over to morning fog, sunrise which lays the first rays at the majestic granite walls, deep chasms beneath my feet, and herds of wild animals that I had the opportunity to see along the way. I saw things more beautiful than a person could imagine, more powerful than anything he has created and endowed with power that can not fit in any of the human words.
In the Tatra Mountains I spent 17 wonderful days, which I am not able to describe in a single post, so divide it into two parts – the first, which took place with my dad, and the second – spent in the company of my friend Albert.





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