The Mountains Are Calling And I Must Go

Each day without you is waiting for our meeting, my beloved Tatra Mountains. Only the knowledge that I will see you after those long weeks of ceaseless longing, protect my heart before rupture. And now, when I know that soon I will see your majestic walls, my heart beats so fast as though it already ran to you.

It is difficult for me to hold back the tears when I think about you. Because you are a miracle of creation, frozen in place flames of freedom, transcendence of the world. You are my greatest love, my dreams and breath. Life without you would be only a band of continuous suffering.


In two days I’ll be on my way to you. I will leave at night and in the morning I’ll look for you on the horizon. When I finally catch a glimpse of how you cross it by your sharp ridges, I will be the happiest person on earth. This moment I always remember as one of the finest – when I already see, but I can not touch; when I am so close, but still too far. It makes me feel like on the border between two worlds, like a bird that sits on the edge and getting ready to fly in a huge space. Three weeks – this is the time for meet with you. How did I deserve such a gift? I do not know… All I know is that every second I spent with you, I will use my best. I’ll do anything to be able to experience you fully.


The first part of the trip I will spend with my dad, who after 10 days return home, and during the rest of the time will be with me my friend from climbing – Albert. I will also meet with a small group from my climbing wall, as well as with a friend who showed me the beauty of the Tatra Mountains in winter.


Although I am supporter of lonely wanderings, I think that the meeting in the mountains extremely educate and allow you to make friends that are able to survive the test of time. The higher we are, the less we use masks. Nature reveals our true faces, and friendship based on truth, is the most beautiful and most durable.


That is why I am extremely glad that among these rock walls I will see familiar faces, hear the familiar voices. I am glad that I could share with someone this beauty, because contrary to the rules of mathematics – when we share with other people something positive, we get more of that for ourselves.


I will try to inform you as much as possible about the course of my trip, but I do not want to use the phone too often, so it will be rather short information, videos and photos. Most of them can be found on my website on Facebook, which name is ‘Off-road‘.





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