And As The Mountains, I Will Be Free

Rivers of human bodies, flooding every free space. They fill the whole city with laughter, conversations about nothing and shouting for naughty children. Everywhere is the smell of melting ice cream and other sweets. Sometimes, passing by the toy store, you can feel the rubber mattresses and inflatable boats. Then remind me all these terrible hours spent on the lakes, in the crowd of almost naked and hot from the sun bodies. One of the biggest nightmares of childhood. To this day, when I hear ‘We’re going to the lake!’, I get chills.
Before sun will set behind the horizon, I’m almost not able to go outside. Just thinking about it makes me fear and disgust. Fall into the noisy crowd? No, it’s definitely not for me. I’m not going to go to anyone for ice cream, sit in cafes in the city center, party and enjoy the sunny weather. It would be artificial.
But luckily I do not have to bother a long time, since to the end of Physiotherapy left me just one week. And then I will run away as far as possible! In the shade of big trees and mountains it’s easier for me to endure these abnormal temperatures. No doubt I will continue to curse them, but while looking for a wonderful and wild landscapes, untouched by human hand.
I will go for a long and lonely journey through almost all the mountain ranges in Poland. I will be sleeping under the stars or in the small mountain shelters, get up with the sun and fell asleep while watching the stars, breathe fresh and clean air, for many days not meet anyone along my way. And as the mountains – I will be free.
However, to accomplish this, I have to take care of my knees and whole body to enable it to cope with the long journey. Currently I am on the first week of the “Weider six”, further – wide-grip pull-ups, push-ups, bike (if my knees allow) and long marches with the load. Keep your fingers crossed for me, and you also go ahead! Your adventure is waiting.




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