Wish Me Luck!

I’m looking in the mirror and I can barely see my reflection. It seems to me that I slowly disappear.

On 3rd June I started to take injections of hyaluronic acid in the right knee, which meant that I could not walk for almost a whole week. I had to take three doses, so for three weeks I was doing a traffic jam by going up the stairs at school, undoubtedly annoyed by this fact hundreds of students. Stairs became for a while my maximum of climbing, so I had to forget about training at the climbing wall. However, not being able to come to terms with this in mind, I decided to try it, but the effect was quite miserable. Climbing with one leg is not a good idea. But I set myself an ambitious goal of hard work on the strength of my hands. On my climbing wall appeared recently a lot of new equipment designed specifically for such exercises, so it was difficult to find an excuse. I could, however, work only a few times, when I learned that my situation in mathematics is almost the same as the strength of my hands – tragic. This is how began a period of intensive work on this wonderful subject … Four tests from different departments (of which three – day after day) which I had no idea, had to decide whether I pass or not.

Do not remember much of those days. I only remember the fatigue in which drowned hundreds of thousands of numbers, mathematical formulas, drawings, tasks. Mathematics took possession of my mind, body and dreams. The first thought when you wake up and the last before falling asleep were mathematical calculations. I dreamed of triangles, cosines, square functions. Madness. However, the strangest thing about this whole paranoia was that one day, with my head lying on the desk with fatigue, I found in this beauty. Yes, the beauty! The huge and overwhelming. And in addition immense gratitude to mathematicians. It’s mostly thanks to them we can realize our passions, explore the world and the universe, to create, to experience, to understand. I wish to thank you with all my heart and bow my head in front of you! I hope that someday I stop to be afraid of mathematics lessons, do almost any task and enjoy it. Therefore, in the development of my mind I bought a set of physical-mathematical books that will accompany me through the holidays. To make it easier for me to convince, they focus on astronomy, because I was always very fascinated by it. Yesterday I learned how to calculate the mass of the Earth. One day I’ll be an outstanding astronomer!

But let’s get back to feeling sorry for my poor fate. If all this was not enough (I mean injections) at the beginning of this week I started again two weeks of physical therapy… So, doing a quick account of mathematical, I will be ‘disabled’ for the next 2-3 weeks. This is a really great forecast for the holidays…I would add that in the queue for the doctor I received news that my colleague is going on Mont Blanc, and the rest of my friends is also located in various mountains in the world. While I am traveling only by a cold and dreary North and depraved South in “Game of Thrones”. In desperation, in two days I watched the whole season…

And now some better news: today I found out that I passed to the next class!!! I closed the school chapter and now I’m going to focus solely on training, in that form in which it will be possible. It’s time to wipe the tears and get a grip. Today I start the “weider six” (training abdominal muscles) and wide-grip pull-ups. I also have a lot of books and movies which have long wanted to read, but I did not have time for all. And finally, I will become more systematic in adding posts. I also have a lot of other dreams that now I will realize. Undoubtedly, this will make easier for me to endure this temporary separation with climbing … Wish me luck!




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