Toward My Cradle Flew A Tatra Wind, Brushed By Eagles’ Wings And Mountain Pines

A Cradle Wind
Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer

Toward my cradle flew a Tatra wind,
brushed by eagles’ wings and mountain pines
which gape from craggs into the abyss —
it blew and roared above my cradle.

Into my heart poured a lasting fit
of longing for eagles’ flight and the
pensiveness of pines swaying in the
mountain tops, engulfed in pure quiet.

-translated by Walter Whipple



I remember those long nights with the image of the Tatra Mountains under my eyelids. I remember those long hours in the classroom, which I filled up by thinking about these magnificent peaks. I imagined the lofty peaks, covered with a white robe. Seeing them in my head, I wanted to fall in front of them on my knees, bow down to them. Because if such beauty exists, it must be a deity. Years went by. I got to know the Tatra Mountains in the summer and early autumn. But winter, which most fascinates me, still remained a mystery to me. In early December, I managed to get there only for one day and go to a shelter “Murowaniec”. For me it was not enough. I had a desire to look deeper.

And finally, came the night, in which I can say, that tomorrow the sun will illuminate me covered with snow, Tatra Mountains. Images will come out from under my eyelids and appear in front of me. Tatra wind will surround me and dance with me. The rustling of the snow under my feet, will play with swaying trees the most beautiful melodies in the world. And I will feel freedom and happiness that will overfill my whole body. Because the mountains gives me the freedom and happiness, gives me new horizons and strength to strive toward them.


Maciej, thank you for lending ax!


I’ll be back after the new year. With new thoughts, experiences, new air in the lungs, new horizons. And I also wish you the same, in the next, the new year. Broaden the boundaries of your world. Breathe new air, new thoughts, new words. And despite the fact that it sounds tritely, fulfills your dreams, look for yourselves and destroy your limitations!




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