Nearer And Nearer

Since I can remember, I’ve dreamed of lofty and majestic peaks. Those which touched the brightest stars. Those hard to reach, unreached and distant. These thoughts accompany me so long and so often that it seems that they were created in me before I was born. Over time, which carried the awareness and knowledge, my childhood dreams began to be realized, or at least to take a more realistic shapes.
Next week I’m going to the Tatra Mountains, to put my first serious steps in this mountain temple. These thoughts sent shivers down my spine. The knowledge that I will see this immense beauty of the world, that I will be able to touch it, to connect with it, makes me the happiest human being. I want to feel this cold mountain air. I want to hear the rush of the wind, the sound of snow under my boots, and the purest silence. I want to be a part of this landscape – the rays of the sun, the light of the moon, whiteness of snow, grayness of granite. I want to be a part of something I really love.

On this trip I’ll check myself, find my limits, and move them. Because life is about overcoming our weaknesses. It is about the pursuit of perfection, which we will never achieve. It is very important, to take a step forward each day, to never stop, or even worse reverse. Because time won’t stop, nor go back with us. So despite the fact that I feel fear because of this trip, I will not let it to conquer me. In every man there is a huge strength, but we have to find it.
I would like to find inside me the strength which had people like Jerzy Kukuczka, Wanda Rutkiewicz, Andrzej Zawada or Edmund Hillary. These people was filled with great passion, which was much stronger than all weaknesses, or even death. They inspire me enormously, because they show me, that I can move the horizon. And in the future, that’s what I really want.

The day, who left behind only darkness, gave me something that will help me realize my plans to get closer to the ideal and fulfill my dreams. I was especially gifted with wonderful words from the students in my class, during the Christmas party at school. They wished me to persevere in my way to the highest peaks of the world, continuously pursue my passion and feeling the happiness flowing from it. Such words really strengthen human. We should tell them to people more often. I was also gifted with millions of beautiful and valuable words of Aleksander Lwow, coming from his book “To win means to survive,” which I completely accidentally found in the shop. In this book he describes the great people of the mountains, most of whom are no longer alive, but through this book, they revived again.
When I was drowning in the beauty of this book, suddenly someone knocked on the door. Not very tall man stood front of the door, hidden by a large box, which he held in his hands. I did not know him, but I expected his coming. I wonder if the couriers have any idea how much of happiness they carry in their bags. In my case, he carried a lot. Two times more than could fit in the package!
I opened it. Slowly I began to pull out objects. Each of them made me more and more happy. Finally, at the very bottom of the package was the last one object. The most important, most expected. Slowly I picked up the black box, I opened it and I saw them…I held in my hands, my first climbing crampons! They were the greatest I’ve ever seen, because they were mine! I dreamed about them for a few years, but I’m glad I did not get them before. In life, we must learn patience. It allows us to appreciate the importance of what are we waiting for and fully take advantage of it. But now I know that it’s the perfect time to get them. They are now standing next to me. And soon I’ll get with them my first peaks!

A few hours after the first courier, came to me a second, bringing me a new sleeping bag. It will accompany me during the cold, filled with stars and the sound of wind nights. It will survive with me more things, than any man. I’ll overflow it my feelings, words and thoughts. If one day there will be a possibility to read from the sleeping bags, then I think that they will be the finest diaries.

My road, which will lead me into the highest mountains, begins now! And its end will come with my end.




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